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Slightly larger than the incredibly compact LCP, the Ruger LC380 is also chambered in 380 ACP and a popular option for personal protection. Constructed of blued alloy steel, this centerfire semi-automatic pistol features a glass-filled nylon grip, textured for better control, as well as a 7-round magazine with an optional finger grip extension floorplate for added comfort. Dovetailed, 3-dot sights are present, while an internal lock, manual safety, and loaded chamber indicator add to the gun’s safety features. At 17.2 ounces, 6 inches long, 4.5 inches high, and less than an inch thick, the LC380 is a handgun that is easily carried concealed.

• Blued alloy steel construction
• Stippled, glass-filled nylon grip
• Suitable for self-defense and concealed carry
• Made in the USA

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