Browse to find the best deals on hundreds of new and used hunting shotguns for sale online. Our gun experts have carefully chosen the products listed here to reflect a variety of hunting lifestyles. Our ever-growing inventory of hunting shotguns includes top manufacturers like Benelli, Beretta, Browning, CZ, Escort, Mossberg, Remington, Stevens, Tristar, Weatherby, Winchester, and more.


Our hunting shotguns are available in a wide range of gauges and styles, with features and options for nearly every purpose. We offer pump-action, semi-automatic, over/under, and single-shot shotguns with walnut or synthetic stocks, and finishes that include Realtree, Mossy Oak, and more. We have options for every budget, from hunting shotguns for less than $300 to $2,000 or more.


Whether you’re hunting birds, big game, or anything in between, we have shotguns for nearly every need. Our user-friendly website, simple search functions, as well as clear descriptions and product pricing,  make finding your next hunting shotgun easy.


  • The Buck of a Lifetime: A Hunting Story

    This was, hands-down, the biggest deer I had ever seen. When he turned his head it was like a chandelier of antlers. I hadn’t had buck fever since I was 13 but at that moment I was freaking out.

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  • Beating Around the Bushmaster: A look at the 450 BM

    Evolving from a Jeff Cooper concept, the .450 Bushmaster has grown in popularity in the past decade, especially in areas where deer regs have made it a must-have.

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  • Great Gear for Bagging Whitetail Deer in 2019

    Not all deer hunters want the same thing, with retail prices from under $20 to over a grand, there is something for every hunter and style of hunting.

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  • Milsurp Bambi Dusters: Sporterized Military Rifles

    Love them or hate them, there are thousands of surplus military rifles that are floating around as sporters ready to continue to serve as great deer guns.

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