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Whether you are searching for target shooting, plinking, competitive shooting, hunting, home defense, or anything in between, there are many options featured here.

Find a large selection of new and used rifles for sale from dozens of manufacturers, with an inventory that continues to grow each day. There are options for every price range.

Helpful Articles

  • Best AR-15 Rifles Available to Consumers

    With a bevy of options available to consumers it can be confusing navigating the muddy waters of the civilian AR-15 industry; but, no worries, Guns.com is here to offer our top picks for awesome ARs.

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  • 8 Semi-Auto Deer Rifles Many Have Never Heard Of

    While plenty of deer hunters head to the woods with milsurp semi-autos, there is a whole class of rifles meant just for the task.

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  • The Best Lever-Action Rifles for Hunting

    With modern technology and chamberings making their way into lever guns, hunting with these cowboy-style rifles has never been better.

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  • Ruger Introduces New Hawkeye Hunter Rifle Series

    With a classic American walnut stock and threaded stainless steel barrels, the new Ruger Hawkeye Hunter rifle line blends tradition with features sought after by modern sportsmen. 

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