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Manufactured for more than a century by Springfield Armory, Rock Island Armory, Remington Rand and others, the M1903 is a bolt-action repeating rifle that was officially adopted by the United States military in 1903 and used throughout World War I. Although the M1903 was later replaced by the M1 Garand as a standard infantry rifle, the M1903 made a comeback during World War II because there were not enough M1 rifles to sufficiently arm U.S. troops. Also known as the M1903 Springfield, the United States Rifle, Caliber 30 and Model 1903, this internal magazine, centerfire rifle is chambered in 30-03 and 30-06 and remains popular not only as a military drill rifle, but for civilian use, as well as a historical military collector’s piece.

• Chambered in 30-03 and 30-06 Spring
• Adopted by U.S. military in 1903
• Used by U.S. troops in WWI, WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War

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