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The Big Boy Classic is a Western-style lever action centerfire rifle. The Big Boy Classic features an American walnut straight grip stock and forearm solid brass receiver octagonal blued steel 20 barrel fully adjustable semi-buckhorn with reversible white diamond insert rear and brass beaded front sights sliding bar safety system tubular magazine and brass buttplate and barrel bands. Available in several calibers including 44 MagnumSpecial 45 ACP 357 Magnum38 Special 41 Magnum or 327 Federal Mag.


Action Lever Action - Caliber 357MAG .38 Spl - Capacity 10 - Barrel Length 20 - Front Sight Brass Beaded - Rear Sight Adj. Marble Semi-Buckhorn - Stock American Walnut - Twist 1.16 - Overall Length 38.5 - Weight 8.68 lb. Are you a fan of our nations Wild West era Do you go all out and participate in the growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting Are you one of the many thousands of avid big-game hunters Nod yes to any of the above and youre ready to step up and grab hold of the new Henry Big Boy 44. Its big brutal and beautiful. Henry rifle owners were inquiring when wed look back to our historical roots and our designers did just that. The result is the first American made 44 Henry lever action featuring a solid brass receiver since the original Henry rifle of 1860. The adventure and romance of Americas Old West are imbedded in its distinctive 20 octagon barrel straight-grip American walnut stock with brass buttplate and brass barrel band. The solid top brass receiver features side ejection. The overall length is 38 and this powerhouse weighs in at 8.68 lbs. A nice 19th century touch is the use of a fully adjustable Marble semi-buckhorn rear sight with white diamond insert and brass beaded front sight. The 44 is the cartridge that was said to have killed more game big and small and more men good and bad than any other in existence. Our tubular magazine can pack ten of these powerful bruisers. The 44MAG is a serious hunting tool and has proven itself time and time again on all of the worlds game. We trust the Henry Big Boy 44MAG will soon become a favorite of big game hunters due to its handsome looks rugged reliability and proven knockdown power. The Henry Big Boy 45 Colt is also offered for you cowpokes who do Cowboy Action Shooting. The Big Boys have the smoothest actions of any centerfire lever action rifles on the market today. They work beautifully to give you competition shooters a leg up in any event you take part in. Take a close look at the Henry Big Boys. Cycle their actions a few times. Were confident youll be adding one - maybe both - to your gun collection.

UPC 619835060020
Caliber .38 SPECIAL/.357 MAGNUM
Capacity 10 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 20 BARREL
Finish BRASS
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