HENRY Big Boy God Bless America Edition H006GBA

HENRY Big Boy God Bless America Edition H006GBA

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Product Information & Specs

Henry Big Boy God Bless America Edition Lever Action Rifle .44 Magnum/.44 Special 20" Octagon Barrel 10 Rounds Adjustable Sights American Walnut Stock Nickel Plated Receiver Blued Barrel Finish H006GBA
Henry Big Boy God Bless America Edition Lever Action Rifle .44 Special/.44 Magnum 20" Octagon Barrel 10 Rounds Adjustable Sights American Walnut Stock Nickel Plated Receiver Blued Barrel Finish H006GBA

Now is your opportunity to own this gorgeous commemorative edition of Henry's most popular big bore lever action rifles. This rifle is built on the renowned reliability and accuracy or the Henry Big Boy, and the God Bless America Edition was created in celebration and recognition of the greatest nation on earth. This is a limited production run rifle which means once it's gone it may not be back in stock .

The second in Henry's new Patriotic Series for 2018 is a hard-hitting .44 Magnum Big Boy that splits the difference between a beautiful display rifle, and a hard-working hunting gun. This big-bore God Bless America centerfire lever action is a fine example of the gunmaker’s craft and the engraver’s art, and it’s meant to be every bit as much of a stand-out on the range as it is to be a dependable game-getter in the woods.

Holding 11 rounds of bone-smashing .44 Magnum power all topped up, this new rifle with blued 20-inch octagon barrel, our standard adjustable buck and bead sights, unobtrusive transfer bar safety, and fancy American walnut furniture, adds a highly polished nickeled plating to its hardened brass receiver.

Beautifully setting off that gleaming nickel, cross-hatch and floral scroll engraving on both sides forms an accented background for a 24K gold “God Bless America” banner below a gold outline of the 48 contiguous states of the North American continent on the right side. On the left, the Liberty Bell, first commissioned in 1752 and today one of the most iconic symbols of American liberty and independence, shows in raised gold relief right next to another “God Bless America” gold banner. In a painted mural on the stock’s right rear side, eight Americans from all walks of life stand in silhouette contemplating the proudly waving Stars and Stripes, above a gold banner bearing the opening words to the national anthem, “O Say Can You See.”

With matching high-polish nickeled brass buttplate and barrel band and our Henry no-thumb-scrape magazine tube loading, this rifle effortlessly combines a smooth action with one of the best brush-gun calibers out there, in a package that also clearly demonstrates for all to see both your appreciation for fine quality and your love for our great nation.

Specifications and Features:
Henry Big Boy God Bless America Edition H006GBA
.44 Special/.44 Magnum
10 Rounds
20" Blued Octagon Barrel
Lever Action Rifle
Drilled and Tapped
Fully Adjustable Semi-Buckhorn Rear Sight with Diamond Insert
Brass Bead Front Sight
American Walnut Wood Stock
Nickel Plated Receiver
Nickel Plated Buttplate
Transfer Bar Safety
Receiver Engraving with 24K Gold plating
Engraved/Painted Stock
Flag, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, and Eagle
Overall Length 38.5"
Length of pull 14"
Overall Weight 8.68lbs
UPC ECOM00108732
Caliber .44 MAGNUM
Capacity 10+1 ROUNDS
Frame Material NOT SPECIFIED
Slide Material NOT SPECIFIED
Barrel Length 20 BARREL
Receiver Material NOT SPECIFIED
Receiver Finish NOT SPECIFIED


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