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Henry Tribute Editions are lever action rifles designed to commemorate organizations such as the Shriners Fraternal Order of Eagles and the military and other groups including American farmers truckers and coal miners. A Tribute Editions American walnut stock is typically laser etched or hand-painted to depict the institution it commemorates and its engraved receiver may be plated with 24K gold. Henry Tribute Editions are built on the Golden Boy or Big Boy platform and accordingly feature an octagonal blued steel barrel adjustable buckhorn sights and tubular magazine.


Action Lever - Caliber .22 SLLR - Capacity 16LR or 21S - Finish Nickel Brasslite Brass Blued (Engraved) - Sights Adjustable Semi-BuckhornBeaded - Barrel Length 20 - Overall Length 38.5 - Weight 6.75 lb - From the beaches of Normandy the hills of Korea the jungles of Vietnam the sands of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan Americas servicemen and women have led the fight to preserve freedom around the world and to keep our own country standing tall. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice many have returned home injured all have contributed to our nation and the values it stands for whether combat vet or chow hall cook. Pride doesnt begin to express how we feel about this chance to salute our Armed Forces with an elaborately decked out tribute edition dedicated to them and their own dedication to duty. Building on a time-honored tradition dating back to the Civil War when ornately engraved Henry rifles were first presented to veterans as tokens of appreciation our Military Service Tribute Edition is based on the Golden Boy and chambered in .22 Long Rifle .22 Long and .22 Short with the same adjustable sights 20 octagonal barrel walnut furniture and half-cock safety notch on the hammer. From there we step up to a highly-polished nickeled receiver cover and add intricate scrollwork and the majestic American bald eagle surrounding a shield bearing the words IN RECOGNITION OF MILITARY SERVICE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY on the right side and on the left side the Statue Of Liberty as the face of Americas democracy opportunity and hope next to the famed Liberty Bell that rang for a nation that with the help of our military will remain forever free. All images and the laurel leaf borders that surround them are selectively plated with 24K gold. The recognition SALUTING OUR MILITARY HEROES is cut into the surface on both sides between the front and rear panels the full-color Stars and Stripes are laser-etched and hand painted along with the words GOD BLESS AMERICA on the stocks right side. As a tribute to a returning military member a graduation gift for a new boot just out of Basic a thank you to a family member who served in the past or a made it home celebration memento to yourself this rifle can be a life-long reminder of duty calls answered sacrifices made and services appreciated.

UPC 619835016423
Caliber .22 S/L/LR
Capacity 16 LR OR 21 SHORT
Barrel Length 20.0 BARREL
Weight 6.8 LBS.
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