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The Remington Model 7400 was introduced in 1981 to replace the Model 740 and was itself replaced by the Model 750 in 2006. Like the Model Four, this semi-automatic high-powered centerfire rifle is, in essence, a redesign of the Model 742, although its checkered pistol grip and straight comb stock differentiate it by glance alone. It features a free-floating barrel, side ejection port, and fixed iron sights. It was initially offered with a 22” hammer-forged barrel, although the Carbine variant with an 18” barrel was produced shortly thereafter. Other variants of the Model 7400 include the Special Purpose with a non-reflective finish and sling swivels, and the Synthetic with a fiberglass reinforced stock and choice of barrel length.

• Semi-automatic
• Free-floating hammer-forged barrel
• Fixed iron sights
• Side ejection port

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