BROWNELLS BRN-Proto AR-15 Prototype, Semi-auto

BROWNELLS BRN-Proto AR-15 Prototype, Semi-auto

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Brownells® BRN-Proto® 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. Semi-automatic Prototype AR-15
Collectors and aficionados, here's your chance to own a faithful replica of Eugene Stoner's very first AR-15 prototype. Based on AR-15 Serial Number One, the Brownells BRN-Proto sports a wealth of unique, historically accurate features you won't see on ANY later AR-15/M16 models.
First, the BRN-Proto has the distinctive trigger-like charging handle on top of the receiver, under the carry handle, just like the early AR-10 models (remember, the AR-15 was developed after the AR-10.). It has the uncluttered “slick-side” upper receiver of the early rifles, and the stock, handguard, and pistol grip are made from brown reinforced polymer that replicates the look—but not the weaknesses—of the original fiberglass furniture. If the round cross-section handguard looks oversized, that's because it is. Just as the original was a "borrowed" AR-10 'guard, it's actually lifted from Brownells's BRN-10® .308 rifles.
The matte gray anodized receiver—correct color for early rifles—is fitted with a skinny A1-profile barrel capped off with the early 3-prong "duckbill" flash suppressor, just like the originals. The BRN-Proto's front sight base mirrors that of the Number 1 prototype, with a lower profile than you're used to seeing. The windage-adjustable A1-type rear sight drum is nestled right inside the carry handle.
A critical addition to the Brownells RetroTM line, the BRN-Proto AR-15 gives you the looks and "functionality" of the original without the drawbacks. It is constructed of the latest materials using the latest manufacturing techniques, so you have a robust rifle that's ready to put a LOT of rounds down range. Internal dimensions conform to modern mil-spec standards, so the BRN-Proto is compatible with off-the-shelf upgrade and replacement parts. It's chambered for modern 5.56 NATO ammo, with a slow-ish 1:12" rifling twist that's faster than the original 1:14" for better compatibility with the 55-grain bullets you find on M193 type ammo.
Get your BRN-Proto today and enjoy the thrill of owning and shooting a replica of the very first model of America’s favorite rifle.
A faithful replica of Eugene Stoner's first AR-15 prototype, but all internal dimensions conform to modern mil-spec standards
"Slick-side" upper receiver with a trigger-style charging handle beneath the carry handle
Skinny A1-profile 20" barrel is capped with the original 3-prong flash suppressor
Slow 1:12" twist rate is similar to the original's 1:14" twist, but allows you to take advantage of common 55-grain M193 ammo
Stock, handguard and pistol grip are made from brown reinforced polymer
Windage-adjustable A1-type rear sight is nestled into the carry handle
Front sight base mirrors that of the original prototype
Includes (1) 25-rd. steel-body magazine, a replica of the original manufactured specifically for this rifle

Key Specifications

Caliber: 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem.
Action: Semi-automatic
Gas System: Rifle-length
Capacity: 25+1
Barrel Length: 20" A1-profile
Barrel Twist: 1:12"
Stock: Brown reinforced polymer
Upper Receiver: 7075-T6 forged "slick-side"
Lower Receiver: 7075-T6 forged
Pistol Grip: Brown reinforced polymer
Handguard: Brown reinforced polymer
Overall Length: 40"
Country of Origin: USA

UPC ECOM00133341
Caliber 5.56 NATO
Finish BROWN
Capacity 25+1 ROUNDS
Frame Material NOT SPECIFIED
Slide Material NOT SPECIFIED
Barrel Length 20 BARREL
Receiver Material NOT SPECIFIED
Receiver Finish NOT SPECIFIED


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