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  • Best Wheelguns for Big Game Hunting

    Big game hunters shopping for a well-built wheelgun with stopping power need look no further than this handful.

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  • Gas-Less Magic: The CZ 1012 Brings Affordable Inertia to Semi Auto Hunting Guns

    The CZ 1012 line of gas-less semi-automatic shotguns is not only new to the company but fairly new to the market at a reasonable price point.

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  • Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation Makes Dreams Come True

    Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation was founded in 1999 to help kids battling life-threatening illnesses head outdoors on hunting trips and fishing adventures.

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  • Desert Tech MDRX: A Do-It-All Bullpup

    The MDRX is the next generation rifle from Desert Tech, building on the already popular MDR rifle released in 2016.

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