BUG: Why two handguns are better than one (VIDEO)

11/16/18 | Ben Brown

We’ve all heard the old adage that “two is one and one is none,” but does that apply to handguns? I mean, why would you seriously need a back-up gun?

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Visit Eagle Sports Gun Range, a luxury range in Chicagoland (VIDEO)

11/16/18 | Scott Gara

Public gun ranges may sound out of place in the Chicagoland area given the city’s historic stance on gun control, but they exist. Eagle Sports Gun Range is a luxury range that could make upscale facilities you’d expect to find in Las Vegas or Scottsdale blush.

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Shooting drill of the day: Vigr Training Scales (VIDEO)

11/15/18 | Ben Brown

The Scales drill from Vigr Training is designed to work two important skillsets in shooting a handgun: running the trigger and visual processing.

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