That Time I Met Chuck Norris

5/10/19 | Jacki Billings

My love of Chuck started back in my younger years, pigtails swinging from each side of my head. I spent many days tucked away in a back bedroom of my grandparents’ home, belly down on a floral bedspread watching Walker Texas Ranger.

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LAPD Impound 1,000 Guns from California Man (PHOTOS)

5/10/19 | Chris Eger

An anonymous tip from a neighbor triggered a search warrant on the Bel-Air residence of a California man that held over 1,000 firearms.

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Kayla Wirth Brings Girl Power to Competition

5/8/19 | Jacki Billings

Hailing from the Great White North, Kayla Wirth balances a good-natured Canadian vibe with a fierce competitiveness that fuels each competitive stage.

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