US Army Awards Contract to Reconfigure M24 Sniper Weapon Systems to Remington Arms

Reaffirming a 22-year relationship, the U.S. Army has awarded Remington a contract to upgrade their 3,600 currently operational M24 Sniper Weapon Systems (SWS), slated to be re-classified as “M24E1”. It’s rumored the M24 will get a total body makeover, a new Leupold scope and new suppressor. This contract will bring in $28.2 million over 5-years.

Overall, the biggest change to the system will be caliber conversion: the M24E1 will be chambered in.300 Winchester Magnum (the ammunition was purchased in 2009 in anticipation of the weapons upgrade) instead of 7.62mm NATO. The more powerful .300 Magnum fires a 220 grain Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet, promising to equip soldier’s with a greater maximum range (up to 1300 meters) and additional ballistic precision.

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