Arsenal Introduces 100% American-made 5 and 10-round AK Magazines

A worthy American arms manufacturer, Arsenal Inc. has recently unleashed 5 and 10-round double stack magazines for 7.62×39 AK rifles, a move probably meant to satisfy Kalashnikov aficionados living in states with goofy magazine capacity restrictions. Proudly 100% US made, it features a steel lug insert that will surely prolong the life of the magazine even with continual rubbing against the magazine catch. Guns.

It also doesn’t look like they tampered with Kalashnikov design much, which is much appreciated on such an iconic gun (look for yourself—the bottom picture is the original design).  So if you live in a state like California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York or in certain parts of Illinois, have always wanted an AK-47 and like to buy American, your train has just pulled into the station.

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