Ruger Fattens up their SR line with the New SR40

Though the company has been pretty quiet about the details surrounding this much anticipated handgun, this week Ruger gave the masses their first look at the SR40 pistol.  Anyone familiar with the increasingly popular SR9 will be quick to recognize this handgun—aside from some minor tweaks needed to accommodate the elevated ballistics, by design the SR40 is literally a SR9 chambered in .40 caliber and loading 15+1. Colt.

Ambidextrous safety and magazine release, striker fired double action and the famously slim glass-filled nylon frame with reversible backstraps, to which the SR line owes much of its hand-friendliness, are all retained in Ruger’s new .40 caliber full-sized pistol.  Weighing in at a mere ounce heavier than the SR9 (unloaded of course) and only negligibly beefier in the slide and longer in the barrel, we see no reason why the SR40, like the SR9 and the SR9c, won’t receive a warm reception by the concealed carry crowd.  As always, you can read the full press release and get a closer look at the numbers here.

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