Hodgdon and Handloaders Anticipate 2011 Reloading Manual

Coming in early 2011, Hodgdon will debut their 8th Annual Reloading Manual which promises to be their most exhaustively detailed primer to date containing data and tasty recipes on well and beyond 5,000 different loads, not to mention a novelette of articles on shooting and hunting penned by industry leading outdoor writers and sportsmen.

You may think this is a little early to be reporting, but we don’t—as in the past, the 2011 guide looks like a great off-the-shelf reference source for high and low power powders.  Next years features two brand new Hodgdon powders: Hornady Superperformance and Hornady LEVERevolution.  As you may have guessed by the name, Hornady uses these powders in their factory loads and they will serve the dabbling handloader well in a variety of fashionable cartridges.

As in the past, Hodgdon’s 2011 Reloading Manual looks like a great addition to any handloader’s library.  It will be made widely available after the new year at guns shops, shows and newsstands but you can also order a copy direct from Hodgdon at 913-362-9455, www.Hodgdon.com or send a letter to 6231 Robinson, Shawnee Mission, KS 66202 requesting one.

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