Charter Arms Gives Their Personal Protection Revolvers a Makeover

Firearm Valley’s Charter Arms recently began manufacturing two new models of personal defense revolvers—the Off Duty .38 Special and the Undercover Lite .38 Special models—and FFL holders attending the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Annual Meeting and Expo in Louisville, KY later this week will have the opportunity to see them up close at Charter Arms booth No.133.  It seems that the changes in the Off Duty and Undercover models are purely cosmetic: a black frame now houses a high polished finish cylinder and two inch barrel. Colt.

Looks pretty streamlined if that’s what you’re going for in a CCW shooter especially the Off Duty (no hammer to get caught on your clothing or what not).  The only real difference we could see between the two new models is the action. The Off Duty is an internal double action while the Undercover uses an external standard hammer single action.  Should keep both crowds happy.

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