Expect a New High Capacity Pistol from Chiappa Firearms in the New Year

Chiappa Firearms’, a manufacturing group out of Ohio who helped breath life into the replica arms industry in the 50s and 60s, has announced that a new .22 L.R. tactical pistol will find its way to the masses early in the coming year.  Patterned off Chiappa’s .22 L.R U.S. Military M-4 Carbine clone, this new .22 L.R. caliber handgun is internally identical, just missing the shoulder stock and featuring an abbreviated barrel (6 inches).  The gun will set you back about $470.00, which seems to be right in the pack when it comes to black guns.  The handgun fits a 28-round magazine so check your local capacity laws before putting any money down.  Looks like a fun, cheap-to-load gun to plink with and like we said, it’s an M-4 clone so if you’re familiar with the M-4 (or perhaps Chiappa’s look-a-like) you’ll be familiar with the gadgetry on this gun.

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