Cass Creek Putting Out New Mini Coyote Call

Predator hunters would do well to prick up their ears.  Cass Creek is a fairly young company (producing since 2003) that makes super portable animal calls for hunters of all game and puts a premium on producing clear and authentic live recorded sounds.   Their newest concoction is their popular mega-amped, compact Mini Coyote Squeaker offering five distinct sounds emitted at the appropriate level for maximum coverage.

These guys are small—about palm size—and are definitely light enough to justify the extra baggage.  This caller will fit in a pocket or you can even attach it with a strap to you arm, belt, pack or even you gun.  Operations looks pretty idiot proof (then again they normally are these days—just hit a button really) and you can interrupt the call with the push of another button in order to customize your call sequence or confuse the wary, incoming dog.

The call produces five distinct sounds: Rodent Distress, Rat Distress, Turkey Poult, Grouse Distress, Pup Whine.

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