Gunvault Offers Cheap Alternative to Safe AR Storage

We gun owners like to talk often and loudly about our dedication to gun safety and by in large most gun owners know it’s their obligation to secure their firearms away from the hands of children and thieves.  The problem many working Joe’s run across however is that security commonly means a gun safe and a gun safe can cost an arm and a leg (not to mention they can take up a hefty chunk of room).  This magazine lock from Gunvault, suitable for most ARs, is one example of a thrifty alternative.

Gunvault, a company looking good in its early 20s and which has grown into a total solution manufacturer and retailer when it comes to gun security, recently exhibited a new security system for AR-platform rifles that they’re calling the AR MagVault.  The system is a key-locked, bright orange nylon block that fits in AR magazine wells.  Once employed, the AR MagVault totally obstructs access to the magazine and prevents the bolt from cycling, in effect disabling the weapon entirely—it’s impossible to insert or chamber a round.  Gunvault claims that the AR MagVault will fit practically any and all .223/5.56 rifles in the AR platform.

Devices like the AR MagVault seem to be gaining popularity these days and we’ve even taken to using chamber safeties on some of our own guns.  This particular unit looks solid and strong (our only real concern with these type of locks is chintzy material that can be pulverized or beaten out with a hammer and screwdriver) and the hunters orange color goes along with to the easy to see from afar choices other manufacturers have been making.  The only thing that’s a little off putting is the key.  We’ve got janitor rings already and we don’t like the thought of misplacing  it, someone nicking it or only realizing we’ve forgotten it after we drive to the range.

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