Cobra Gunskin's New Pink Holster Geared Towards the Fairer Sex

We noticed Mr. Nash’s article singled out women’s holsters (and kitschy pink gun accessories in general) so we thought we’d better run an article on what’s out there to keep all camps happy.

Hand-in-hand, Maine-ly Shield and Wallets and manufacturer Cobra Gunskin Classics are marketing their newest gun holster, drafted specifically with a ladies unique figure and presumed penchant to pack pink in mind.  It is aptly titled the Pink Lady holster, which is clearly a popular name when it comes to women’s firearms.

Cobra Gunskin Classics comes out of long tradition of trans-Atlantic artisan leather workers and this holster, like all of their holsters, puts into service the highest quality hand-picked, full-grain natural steer hides all stitched together individually by veteran tradesman.  This individualized attention is meant to ensure perfect fits for a variety of models.  It’s finished with custom blended oils for good water protection and lifelong use (though it also comes with a lifetime warranty). The Pink Lady also comes equipped with a tough locking clip and the kit looks like it would do a better than good job of securing your favorite sidearm.

Distributers (exclusive North American distributers in fact) Maine-ly Shield and Wallets’ Al Lintier said of the pink, “The number of female gun owners is increasing and so is the number of gun models available in pink. We believe the new Pink Lady holster will compliment any model of revolver or pistol and catch the eye of female gun owners everywhere who are looking for a high-quality holster that is made specifically for them.”

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