SureFire's Announces Mouthwatering 60 and 100-Round Magazines

SureFire makes a menagerie of accessories for guns like mountable flashlights and suppressors and all sorts of other wild creations.  Not long ago, the company installed a new High-capacity Magazines division and they’re flagship products are the seductively high-capacity 60- and 100-round magazines befitting AR platform rifles chambered in .223/5.56mm NATO.  They’ve even given the product line an acronym all its own; these aren’t magazines, they’re HCMs.

Drafted specifically to give our military units a tactical overhaul when engaging the enemy, the new MAG5-60 and MAG5-100 are aluminum magazines designed for one purpose and one purpose only: individual firepower.

Citing the need for sustained “firepower” in modern combat, Surefire’s Director of Military Sales, Don Alexander explained, “In the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, ambushes are commonplace, and the outcome is often determined in the first 30 seconds.  Firepower and the ability to stay in the fight are key. These magazines will reduce soldier vulnerability by keeping them in the fight for longer periods of time, with less downtime spent on reloads.”


Our soldiers usually eat up four seconds when they reload their weapon and acquire their target and in SureFire’s opinion this is four seconds too many.  SureFire’s 60-round magazine allow the average soldier to fire 240 rounds in 30 seconds while the 100-rounder puts out near 300 rounds in 30.  These figures represent firing rates with a semi-automatic rifle; both magazines can also support full-auto.

Like you’d expect from any aftermarket magazine, SureFire’s HCMs snuggly fit most weapons in the M16, M4 or AR styles with a round already in the chamber. SureFire states that, as is or with slight alteration, the 60-round magazine fits into most nylon “double” pouches for 30 round magazines. The magazine is capable of fitting so many rounds without unduly sacrificing compactness by utilizing a 4×2 quad-stack configuration fed by a retouched internal spring and follower system that SureFire promises will eclipse current 30 round feed systems (and while 4×2 quad-stack configuration is a bold direction it is hardly a new idea.  Check out this wacky looking AK.  Its like when a beaver can’t grind its teeth down and they just keep growing).  Another groovy feature of this redesigned feed system: these HCMs were made to be stored pre-loaded.  Crates of magazines ready to throw in and fire will be issued to military units rather than cans of loose cartridges and empty magazines.  This luxery could save troops critical minutes while they prepare for deployment.

HCMs will set you back $129 for the 60-round magazine and $179 for the 100-round magazine.  SureFire expects to start shipping orders in March of 2011 and they want any interested consumers to know that “processes are being developed” for gear purveyors in locations with capacity restrictions so don’t feel left out New York, Ohio, California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland and Washington, D.C—you’ll get yours.

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