Ruger presents the LC9: Pocket pistol meets 9mm

When I think of Ruger’s contribution to the concealed carry market the first thing that jumps to mind, at least in the crowd pleasing 9mm range, is the very sexy SR9c (we especially like the “refined” feeling of the pinky attachment).  Well, it looks like Ruger has popped out still another 9mm carry pistol, the LC9.  To be fair, the super light (17 oz. vs. a “hefty” 23 oz. SR9c) isn’t really in the same genre as the SR9c, which is most at home in a holster along a waistband or against an ankle.  No, a gun this dainty is a pocket pistol and the hammerless action and punctiliously rounded corners go lengths to confirm this.  And “pocket pistoling” is in this gun’s blood so to speak:  by design, the LC9 is basically a beefier cousin to the LCP pocket 380acp.

Turning the gun over, the LC9 has that characteristic black meets blued look and looks a lot like the LCP and a lot like what we’ve come to expect from Ruger (this gun just looks like something Ruger would make, doesn’t it?).  Considering the pistol is only 6.0″ long by 4.5″ tall by 0.9” wide, its is bound to fit in most any loose jacket or pants pocket without producing a telltale bulge and its black polymer, glass-filled nylon frame and blued alloy steel slide and barrel help to keep the product just about as “world resistant” as it gets these days.  On looks alone, Ruger appears to have created a worthy addition to the pocket pistol family: compact, streamlined, sturdy and in 9mm.

What else do we like?  The LC9 is a double-action-only, a lot like Colt’s New Agent.   How it differs?  A single-sided manual safety and a seven round magazine. And for you poor souls in California there’s a load indicator and magazine disconnect and for us poor souls at it even has the SR9c’s pinky extender!

The gun retails for $443.00 and starts shipping February 1st so save your pennies and check it out on Ruger’s site for more information on how to get one.

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