10 Year Old Boy Confesses to Shooting Mother

In part it’s a case for more resources like this in the world but in total it’s purely a tragedy.  On January 5th a 10-year-old Ohioan Joseph McVay confessed to killing his mother Deborah McVay with a single gunshot to the head.  The incident took place after an argument over bringing in some firewood.

ABC captured McVay’s 911 call and confession on video.  The young boy, clearly daunted and in a state of shock, unequivocally confesses to the crime as police arrive at his rural home.  The police search pulled six guns from the clutter of the child’s bedroom.  Several of the rifles and one 12-gauge shotgun were loaded and ready to fire.

Some would say the warning signs were there.  In the months prior to tragedy family members had expressed concern as they witnessed McVay’s sometimes violent episodes mounting.  These included a physical altercation with a school bus driver and attacking his school principle with a dustpan. According to his brother, Joshua Mike, their mother often rose to Joseph’s defense.

He continued, “My mother was the best mother I could ask for…anyone could ask for.  I know my brother didn’t mean to kill his mama.”

McVay will be tried as a juvenile. His court-appointed lawyer has already plead not guilty on his behalf.

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