Predator Tactical lets New Shrike 1911 out of its Cage

Predator Tactical, the Tempe, Arizona gun laboratory of iron man and professional shooter Matt Burkett, is striking hard at the reinvigorated 1911 market with their new Shrike 1911.  Matt Burkett is a highly decorated competitive shooter who has shot rounds around the world and spreads the gospel of good shooting through his own brand of instructional DVDs.

And from what they tell us, the name of the game at Predator Tactical is custom (the hallmark of the gun world’s own cottage industry) with each gun built for the buyer and the product of Burkett’s expertise and subject to his uncompromising expectations.  The gun is assembled from the Wilson Combat Bullet Proof 1911 line of all stainless parts and personalized features abound: custom engraving, tactical rails, front night sight, adjustable rear sights, etc.  But that’s all sort of above board stuff when you consider the company also claims it will help bring to fruition any modifications your imagination can muster to any individual part of the gun.

Available in .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .38 Super, 9 mm and 10 mm, each Shrike comes zeroed and is broken in with a 100 round test firing at one of the company’s facilities.  A passing score is 100%.  It ships with 2 fitted and tested 8 round Wilson Combat magazines.  Shrikes can come in any of the Cerakote colors and buyers can also incorporate multi tone finishes.

This 1911 (like all Predator Tactical products) ships with lifetime service policy and straightforward warranty which is only void if you perform any gunsmithing or modifications on the product without specific authorization from the factory.  And to sweeten the deal, Predator Tactical offers one complete (and free) refinishing with the Shrike, which we’re sure will be greatly appreciated if you ever find you just can’t get past those “unsightly scratches” from years of use or you ever want to sell it.

Because you’d invariably be getting a custom piece, prices for this 1911 vary but you can get a sense of what you’d be shelling out for one (and place your order) at  This new Shrike 1911 is available for immediate order and delivers in three weeks or less.

So—the name didn’t register at first and were forced to consult the all-knowing World Wide Web.  A Shrike’s a type of bird—a pretty sissy looking songbird at that, but you can find out here why it’s nicknamed, “the butcher bird” here.


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