Devoted Employee Loses Life in Tennessee Munition Factory Explosion

Though it didn’t get much ink for obvious reasons, a series of explosions ripped through Kinematics Research Ammunition plant last Wednesday afternoon in the tiny town of Oakland, Tennessee about 30 miles outside of Memphis.  The blast killed one munitions employee and seriously injured a firefighter. Containing thousands of live high-powered pistol and rifle rounds and many tons of gunpowder, shots fired for hours after the initial explosion.

Ed Gaugh, emergency management director for Fayette County, reported that a 34-year-old Cliff Davis died in the blast and subsequent fire at the, which makes shells for pistols and rifles. The worker’s name was not immediately released and there has been no word as to what caused the fire.

Kinematics Research has put a memorial up on their website.  The message also expresses their gratitude to the emergency service personnel who contained the devastation.  Check out the video below for stunning footage of the explosions.

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