The History Channel's 'Top Shot' looking for Season 3 Competitors

Top Shot on The History Channel explores the world of competitive shooting, pitting professionals against “unsigned talent” and showcasing incredible shooting demonstrations of speed, accuracy and timing, all under the shadow of a $100,000 prize.  The stations first foray into the exponentially popular elimination game show/“people working” genre, the show, as with the many niche inspired shows before it which have throw the spotlight on everything from cooking to lumberjacking, has accrued quite the cult following.   Well, it just so happens that this is our niche and from episode one it scratched us in all the right places.

The competitive shooting talent is unreal and the familiar format (which if you’ve ever seen Survivor you’ll recognize) still keeps things flashy and does a good job of starting fireworks between cast members (I guess if it ain’t broke…).  But like watching your buddy shoot at the range for more than 10 minutes, the shooting itself only takes us so far.

For us, where Top Shot shines isn’t so much in how the contestants shoot as it is what they shoot.  Remember, it’s on The History Channel so they have to tie in history somehow, don’t they?  So instead of just firing their broken-in 3-gun arsenal or tagging irons at half a mile with a .50 caliber sniper rifle (which also occurs on the show), competitors shoot an amazing cache of weapons from flintlocks, muskets and antique military rifles to slingshots, bows and throwing knives.  What you get is an inventive look at the history of weaponry alongside a majorly exhaustive way to evaluate who is truly the best marksman.

The suits in charge of programming must have known they had a hit on their hands because just as soon as Season 1 hit the airwaves production began on Season 2.  You can expect to see round two debut sometime in the spring.

So why spotlight this show?  Because Top Shot has also been greenlit for a third season and is currently scouring America for skilled marksmen to compete in Season 3.   Application deadline is February 1, 2011 and the show’s producer, Pilgrim Films & TV, will be actively singling out paired contestants (think co-workers or a husband and wife team).

There’s a laundry list of eligibility requirements so read the links and links to forms at the bottom of the page.  You can use can this forms to apply or if you’d rather email them directly, the address is

Remember to include your name, the city and state you call home, phone number they can reach you at, a recent photo of yourself and a succinct (and presumably eye) catching blurb about why casting agents should chose you.   If you have any further questions you can reach Top Shot casting through their hotline 818 478-4570.

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