Newcomer Air-Ordnance debuts with .22 Caliber Air Gun (VIDEO)

Air-Ordnance is a freshly minted U.S. air gun manufacturer (so new in fact we know little more about them than they make this gun and their logo looks like this).  The company’s first gun is the full-auto SMG .22 caliber belt fed pellet gun.  Models use CO2, nitrogen or compressed air propellants to fire .22 caliber pellets by virtue of a 100 round ammo drum and belt system.

You may find yourself wondering, so, does this gun per chance have any sexy features I should know about?  And the answer would be… Yes!  It has a fully adjustable rate of fire that you can ratchet all the way up to 12 rounds per tick.  It also fires them down range at the “this is not a toy” velocity of 600 feet per second making this a fun little BBQ gun (though it could become a pricey little BBQ gun too because .22 pellets aren’t cheap).

And if 100 rounds a reload just doesn’t cut the muster for you, you can attach belts together for irresponsible amounts of firepower.  The SMG .22 kit comes with two 100 round belts (equals 200 round belt) and you can buy additional ones directly from Ari-Ordance, creating, in theory, a gun that never stops firing.

Company players, the Tillman family, engineered and Air-Ordnance built the SMG .22 with easy shouldering, easy grip philosophy.  Grappling to make ergonomical sense of oddly shaped gas tank, this is our major gripe with high powered air guns like the SMG .22—you never feel like you and the gun have become one like you do say with your favorite sporting arm.

Air-Ordance does a good job combating this: 45-degree angle grip frame with a contoured rubber rear grip and an adjustable Picatinny mounted front grip.  It also comes with a option of a removable stock.  It has a nice light 3lb. trigger pull, weighs only about four and a half pounds and has an overall length of 26” inches.  It comes out the factory with iron sights but it also has that Picatinny mount which you could surely use to mount some optic devices. O—and the barrels rifled to max out distance and accuracy.

If you’re still not satisfied you can check out a company rundown on the SMG .22 here.  You can also request a free brochure by calling 1-800-671-1498.

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