Ruger pairs it's First Gun with 25 Millionth in Vegas Tuesday

Recently folks at Sturm, Ruger & Co let it slip they’ll be showcasing the very first, very historic Ruger production firearm ever made at the SHOT Show Tuesday.  The original gun will share a case with the fresh from the factory 25 millionth Ruger firearm, embodying 62 years of firearm innovation.

The gun that founded Ruger is a simple Standard Pistol while it’s 25th millionth scion is the recently unleashed and era epitomizing SR9c compact pistol.  The SR9c is decorative job and has been engraved to mark the occasion.

It was in 1949 when William B. Ruger and Alexander Sturm rolled up a meager $50,000 investment with one unique firearm design and founded Sturm, Ruger & Co.  Showing clear influence from the German Luger in its profile composition, the design in question was the classic Ruger .22 Standard Pistol, which you may know by its later manifestation the Mark I pistol.  The rimfire autoloading pistol used a cylindrical bolt within a tubular receiver, resulting in a stronger, simpler action and the profiled barrel is evidence that Bill Ruger was looking across the pond when he drafted the Standard Pistol.  It was also cheaper to purchase and operate than competing models.

Sales were brisk for Mark I pistols up until Ruger ceased production in 1981, replacing it with the next generation Mark II. Ruger still turns out direct descendants of their flagship product to this day, under the banner of the Ruger Mark III pistol family and their 1911-style inspired 22/45 pistols.

Jump ahead 62 years and we see a gun significantly influenced by techonological advancements and tailored to contemporary tastes and needs of the gun buying public.  Ruger’s 25 millionth gun is a highly polished stainless steel version of the CCW favorite SR9c compact pistol.  The pistol displays two engravings: one that says “25 Millionth” on the slide and “Ruger SR9c” etched into the slide serrations. The SR9c is a centerfire pistol with a glass-filled nylon frame and a slim, intended for covert carry. The pair of iconic pistols perhaps helps to focus our perspective on Ruger’s history as a consistent leader in the firearms industry and as a company open to change and innovation yet retaining a singular philosophy of answering consumer demands.

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