Italian Man takes Bullet to the Head... then sneezes it out

It is an extreme example of the resilience of man—an evolutionary adaptation only made possible by years of extreme stupidity. Amidst what was apparently a bandito inspired New Years Eve bash in Naples, Italy, Darco Sangermano was rushed to the hospital after catching a stray bullet fired in celebration during the night’s festivities.  The .22 caliber bullet hit Mr. Sangermano behind his right eye and lodged in his nasal passage.

Gushing blood, friends and emergency services transported Sangermano to the hospital.  It was however in the stead between intake and examination that the implausible happened.  Sangermano sneezed- and the bullet flew out of his right nostril.  Doctors believe that the projectile was retarded when it hit his skull at an angle, entering his sinuses and eventually falling into alignment with his sniffer.  A 100 mph blast of hot air rocketed the bullet out—and saved Mr. Sangermano from a lengthy and dangerous surgery

And it transcends the rational that the 28-year old man did not suffer any significant or lasting injuries nor that his sight was permanently affected… which will be the case after laser surgery on his right eye to repair his damaged retina. What does not transcend the rational however is the universal adherence to proper gun safety, which includes never firing without knowing where the bullet will end up, and a grave respect for firearms.

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