Kimber pays Homage to the Centenarian 1911

Much has been made of the 1911 turning 100 (as well should be), with special editions abounding (which you can read about here).   With the industry lining up to pay homage to America’s greatest fighting sidearm, The Kimber Custom Shop is also tossing in their cap with their 1911 Centennial Edition chambered in .45 ACP.

Kimber will run 250 limited edition pistol in this centennial series variations that attempt to atone both the defense shooters and collectors audiences.   And like most special editions, its defining features are predominantly aesthetic.  Turnbull Restoration is responsible for the finishing the gun, going with their trademark gas puddle, psychedelic case-hardened frame, charcoal blued slide and barrel and nitre blue pins and trigger.

Grip panels are smoothed, genuine ivory—a choice Colt also made on their commemorative model, whose price is still mounting as it continues to sit on the auction block.  Decorative engravings in the American script style cover the slide flats. Models are sequenced with MMXI001-MMXI250 serial numbers.

Each pistol comes with a wood and leather case with a brass plate on the outer lid for custom monograms and a maker’s label inside.

Other than a tasteful makeover, this Kimber 1911 is all Kimber: a top of the line match grade barrel, never falter chamber and solid trigger. And like all Kimber products, the gun is American-made from front to finish.

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