Sig Chambers-Up Their SIG556 Carbine with the SIG556R

Sig Sauer, Inc., is tossing out a new carbine, the SIG556R—which is in both make and manner their gas piston operated SIG556 only now chambered in the huskier 7.62.39 NATO.

In the minds of many, 7.62x39mm is a cartridge that will forever be married to the AK-series, which first adopted the intermediate round following late war German experiments with the likes of the 7.92x33mm Kurz.  Valued for its ability to deal out “mission ending” hydrostatic shock seemingly on command and feed reliably without a big cartridge rival, the round has been unparalleled influence on modern warfare.

Sig is a familiar name to law enforcement types, though mostly in Europe, where the Swiss/German gunmakers outfit a gaggle of police forces across the Continent.  Known mostly in the US for its sometimes contrived competition with Glock (and Glock aficionados) and “pay-far-out-the-ass” service and concealed carry pistols, SIG Arms has given some indication that it plans to assert itself in America.

Simply a variation on an already catchy tune, Sig’s 556, the SIG556R is a pretty straightforward gun. Boasting ergonomics near if not totally identical to the SIG556, this newly conceived family of SIG tactical rifles has received smiley faces across the board in the past.

Critics lauded the SIG556 for its user-friendly, reactively adjustable gas feeding system, which allows shooters the ability to precisely govern gas flow.  This feature can make all the difference in trained hands when ammunition type or even environmental conditions call for additional cycling energy.

The SIG556R of course also retains the distinctive folding and telescopic stock of the 556, and its M1913 rail for accessory attachment. The 16” barrel and ability to collapse the gun to a mere 26” trumpets the weapon’s maneuverability. The 556R fits a standard AK-style magazine and uses a smooth, tough-to-intuit two-stage sniper trigger.

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