The Discovery Channel's New Show 'Sons of Guns' focuses on Unique Gun Shop

The Discovery Channel is also looking pretty shooter friendly these days.

Red Jacket, a gun grease monkey’s playground dropped casually in the bayou of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will set the scene for the channel’s new show, Sons of Guns, scheduled to debut Wednesday, January 26 at 9 pm Eastern.  It’s no secret Louisiana is the fashionable place to film a TV show (our personal favorites is Swamp People) and we’re happy to see some much needed capital flowing into the Gulf region.

Captain of the most encyclopedic custom gun shop in the country, Will Hayden manages Red Jacket Firearms with the help of his family and a platoon of highly skilled employees.  A balanced blend of shooter, tinkerer and historian, Will holds a formidable reputation within the gun industry meaning he is often tasked with some of the most fascinating and outrageous custom gun requests.  These are from a cast of clients in law enforcement, the military and antique collecting

Will wears that all American mantra, “if you can dream it, we can build it,” on his sleeve and the crux of the series is truly the shop’s boundless prowess with all things weaponry.  From guns to cannons to knives to swords, Will tenders, trades, builds and customizes them all no matter how complex, inconceivable or archaic.

What to expect for gun porn?: internal silencers fit in AK 47s, full restorations to primitive WWII flamethrowers, custom order shotgun/rifle pieces and ventures into the attics of Main Street America in search of golden guns.  What else to expect?: gossip and fireworks like American Chopper (though for the family’s sake we hope not in the same spirit), and impromptu shooting exhibitions.  Mark your calendars for this, kids—in combination with Season 2 of Top Shot, The Discovery Channel is sure to secure a spot in our channel surfing rotation.

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