Attention Black Powder Shooters: New Ultra-Lite Muzzleloaders from Traditions Performance Firearms (VIDEO)

We fancy ourselves to be pretty humble people—humble people who have no problem owning up to their mistakes—and we’ll be the first to admit, we’ve neglected our black powder shooters.  So here’s hoping our interview with Traditions Performance Firearms’ Mark Kresser at the SHOT Show goes some way in making it up to all you mountain men.

Mark gave us the skinny on three Tradition models, new for 2011: a refurbished model from their popular Buckstalker platform, the Pursuit Ultra-Light, which Tradition claims to be the lightest muzzleloader in the world, and, the crown jewel, the new Vortek Ultra-light.  Field & Streams named the Vortek Ultra-Light one of their Best of the Best in 2010 and each gun is a really testament to the sophisticated design features that go into modern muzzleloaders.

Like good Boy Scouts, most black powder shooters are all about cleanliness when it comes to their tools and each of these break action muzzleloaders addresses this in its own way.  The clean machine out of the three? The Vortek.  One pin drops the entire trigger assembly out the bottom and grants the shooter access the most intricate recesses of the gun for a thorough cleaning.

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