Gets a Look at Remington's Versa Max at 2011 SHOT Show

After much anticipation, the 2011 SHOT Show has kicked off and is there in the form of Mr. Ace Luciano.  We’ve got some updates from Ace in Vegas where he’s getting a chance to see the lifeblood of the arms industry—innovation—in action.  We’ll be continually updating you on the SHOT Show throughout each day this week, so stay glued to your computer.

We got a chance to chat with Remington’s Brian Lasley and even got our paws on their new Versa Max—Remington’s 12-gauge autoloading answer to the likes of the Benelli Vinci and the Browning Maxus. This gun clinched the NRA’s American Rifleman’s Golden Bulls Eye Award for Shotgun of the Year 2011, so it was definitely on our shortlist.

versa max specs

As it’s name would imply, the Versa Max’s raison d’etre is versatility; the synthetic gun will fire just about any shotgun load, from skeet to heavy 3 ½ inch magnums and everything in between. All this adaptability is possible courtesy of a “so simple it’s brilliant”, self-governing, gas system that will adjust the amount of gas needed to cycle any load effectively.  Three rows of gas ports lie ahead of the chamber.  Heavier loads, which require less energy to cycle, seal off ports while lighter loads get a full blast.  Brian does a better job explaining it than me so check out the video. has the Remington Versa Max.  If you have something to say about this gun (or any gun you may find in the reviews section), we encourage you to review it here, via the user review feature at the bottom of the page.

remington versa max

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