Leupold Replacing the VX-7 with the VX-6... Oh and Adding a New Red Dot Too! (Video)

Now in its fifth generation of family ownership, Leupold is, without contention, one of the most readily recognizable names in optics today (or at least in the US of A it is).  At the SHOT Show, we got a chance to powwow with one Tim Lesser, marketing coordinator for Leupold & Stevens, Inc., who gave us the rundown on some innovations to Leupold’s esteemed line of scopes.

For starters, the VX-6—which Tim referred to as Leupold’s “new flagship” scope—will soon replace their top of the line VX-7 scope.  VX-6 is all about clean power zooms and crisp images at any point on the spectrum of power settings.  This pleases us—it’s no secrete “the best” picture is usually on low or high magnifications with a little bit of fuzzy in between.  It will come with either 1 to 6 (hence VX-6) or 2 to 12 magnification increments with blanket quality across the band.

And good for them, but what really gets us hot under the collar is the VX-R.  The VX-R comes in a bunch of standard power ranges (like 4-12, 3-9 etc.) but it also comes with push button, intensity adjustable, daylight visible, red dot illumination.   Frankly, we swallowed the Red Dot Kool-aid a while back and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a big game or varmint rifle in our library that doesn’t have one stuck on top.

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