Granted an Audience with Shooting Legend and CZ Spokesman Tom Knapp landed an audience with the Pope of Shotguns, shooting luminary and ambassador Tom Knapp.  Mr. Knapp has set more world shooting records for throwing and breaking clays than we’d care to count and we’ve blown more hours watching him do it on his Youtube videos than we’d care to admit.  Needless to say, this was exciting.

For years, Tom acted as the magnetic spokesman for Benelli, showcasing his prodigious scattergun prowess and the quality of the company’s products by virtue of a host of shooting exhibitions held around the world.  When we caught up with Tom, he was working hard for his new sponsor CZ-USA, and, as Tom put it himself, he “picks his sponsors himself so he doesn’t have to lie.”

cz 712

He spoke to us about his new weapon of choice, the CZ 712, and how he came to favor this top of the line semi-auto.  He also commented on an upcoming marathon road test of that gun down in Argentina where he’ll be putting 1000 rounds an hour through its custom action and gave us his expert pick if you’re thinking about a new pheasant gun.  It’s heresy to paraphrase a shooter as esteemed as Mr. Knapp so please watch our interview with him.  You can also check out Tom doing what he does best in the video below.

If you are interested in CZ-USA there website is here. If you are looking for upcoming exhibitions with Tom sponsored by CZ, click here for a full list.  If you are interested in getting Tom to visit your event or gun club, you can find information here (we hear there is a bit of a line).  You can put in your two-cents about the CZ 712 here.

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