H-S Precision Gives Us a Peek at What Navy Snipers Will Be Packing This Year (Video)

Guns.com met up with Thomas Houghton, President of H-S precision, to talk about their new multi-caliber sniper rifle built on spec. for the U.S. Navy.  The Navy demanded a modular system with a collapsible stock and the ability to quickly swap calibers (which are legion for this gun).  With fore-end rests, fluted barrel and solid, playground equipment inspired collapsible stock, the rifle looks like it can take punishment just as well as it can dish it out.

The package comes with a 6 to 20 Leupold scope and anybody can order one for the right combination of bills.  Mr. Houghton references product number TTD in the video if you’d like to place your order… but we’re a bit confused by this because we looked up TTD on H-S Precision’s website and it doesn’t appear to be the same gun in the video at all.  We respectfully submit that he misspoke and meant HTR—which a call placed to the company seems to have confirmed and you can review on Guns.com here.  Regardless, both are available here in either short or long actions, multiple barrel configurations, weird and familiar calibers and with different capacity magazines.

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