Barnes Bullets Takes New Line of Ammunition from the Reloading Bench to the Store Shelf

Barnes was the first of the pack to manufacturer lead-free bullets, which has elicited reverberating applause from the peanut gallery of both environmentalists and shooters. got a chance to speak with Preston Bunker with Barnes Bullets—a great guy who gave us the rundown on Barnes new products for 2011.  Word to the wise: turn up your volume folks and if you’ve got headphones we suggest you throw them on too.  We like you, Preston buddy, but next time sound off like you mean it, man.

What we saw was basically Barnes taking a lot of cues from handloaders with pretty groovy results.  First out the gate, the new LRX is a niche, long-range bullet loaded for folks that aren’t afraid of an extra few hundred feet between them and their dinner.  A polymer tip guarantees the bullet will blossom on contact and peel back into four razor-edged petals designed to eviscerate internal organs and drop animals humanely even as the projectile’s velocity begins to fade.

There is also a new match designed to compete with the likes of the Sierra Matchking and Berger bullets that have found a home in satchels of hardcore target shooters worldwide.

The prettiest girl at the ball however was Barnes’ new line of Vor-tk ammunition.  Vor-tk has its fingers in a lot of pies with rounds for sporting calibers (.306, .30-06, etc.), big safari loads and handguns.  Barnes created this line on the shoulders of the collective handloading community and you will soon be able to go pick up a box of Barnes Ammunition loaded with tried, true and fundamentally homespun ballistic recipes.

Get all you want from Barnes here.

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