Taurus Judge Rages On...

When Taurus first introduced us to the Judge in 2006, he seemed a novel approach to a serious problem: defense of life and property.  Eventually we came to know him as a fair judge, mild mannered even.  A student of checks and balances, he was creative by design and measured in his task.  He did his job well and forgettably and like most folks who do what they’re told and little more, we enjoyed his company and picked at him behind his back.

And quite possibly it was that very condescension that drove our mild-mannered little Judge to become Charles Bronson—a man, half-mad with power, half-jaded by it, trying ceaselessly to maintain some semblance of lawfulness in a world drunk on indifference.

Big, heavy, thick and scary, the six-shot Raging Judge chambers .454 Casull, .45 Colt and 28-gauge shotgun shells and it’s itching to hand down some Sam Peckinpah style, Texas justice upon the heads of the guilty, leaving all those who stand before him time only to wonder, “What fresh hell is this?” And even though the obvious metaphor sort of painted me into a corner on this one, it’s also the perfect choice for hunters, backpackers and fisherman.  Now you can load up one gun with a couple of shells for rattlers and some 454s on the off chance a bear charges you.

Borrowing the cushioned insert grip and steel frame from their Raging Bull series, Taurus is tendering this maniac in either single-action or double-action.  It comes with a fiber optic front sight and, since you’ll need to keep a muzzle on this circus animal, it features Taurus’ key lock system.

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