Our First Look at Kel-Tec's Sinister New KSG Shotgun

Murmurs about the Kel-Tec premier appearance in the wild and wooly world of shotgun making got the staff at Guns.com pretty antsy a while back when we first heard of the then prospective existence of the KSG.  The KSG 12-gauge is a home defender if’n ever we saw one and has a face that was meant to be in the pictures.  The bullpup design, borderline obnoxious number of Picatinny rails, black polymer everything and twin feed tubes that allow for 15 rounds per reload all equate to a gun that’s major function, besides throwing unsound amounts of lead down range, is “freak’n people out.”

When we first profiled this gun, we were in a bit of a quandary about how the KSG ejected its spent shells and thanks to thoughtfulness of some of our friends, neighbors and readers, we were able to sketch out a fairly intelligible picture.  Well, you can hear it straight from the horses mouth as Toby from Kel-Tec confirms the downward ejection in our exclusive one-on-one.

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