Thompson/Center Refinishes A Couple of Their Signature Rifles (and Their Prices Too) VIDEO caught up with Patrick Hanley from Thompson/Center at the 2011 SHOT Show to get scoop on the black powder Mecca as they surge into aught eleven. Smith & Wesson, the owners of Thompson/Center Arms, are dismantling the company’s New Hampshire branch and moving all production of Thompson/Center rifles to their Springfield facility.  Perhaps in spite of this, we’re seeing a return to tradition for the trusted, Firearm Valley gunmaker.

What’s 2011 all about for Thompson/Center?  Weather Shield coating.  What does that mean?  Cheaper production costs for the same end product.  And what have we always liked about Thompson?  The price tag.  Thompson’s shtick was always keep the price low and even the most timid of shopper will bite and it’s clear they’re returning to that philosophy with reissues of the two popular rifles the Venture and the Pro Hunter Black Powder Rifle.

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