Utah considers making M1911 Official State Firearm (VIDEO)

The gun industry has been beside itself trying to make the big one zero zero a very special birthday for the Colt 1911, but the big mountain state of Utah may be giving the 1911 the biggest gift of them all.  Alongside birds, bugs and trees, Utah may become the first state to adopt an official firearm.  The obvious choice is Utah gunmaker John Moses Browning’s M1911 semi-automatic pistol.

The M1911 is without question the most recognizable and influential pistol in all of Gundom and was the standard-issue sidearm for U.S. forces from 1911 to 1985.  It still sees action today.  The United States procured nearly 2.7 million M1911A1s through various military contracts throughout the models service life and it is continuously reinvented in the civilian market.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Carl Wimmer told us the .45 caliber handgun is the perfect symbol for Utah.  “It’s an implement of freedom that has defended America for 100 years.”

With the endorsement of several gun rights groups in tow, the House Political Subdivisions Committee passed the measure earlier this week in a 9-2 decision. The bill now heads to the GOP controlled House, which bodes well for its chances to become reality.

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