Kimber introduces New Solo Pocket Pistol

Within the past few years we’ve witnessed gun buyers take to the concealed carry genre of handguns like chips to their first fire and consequently watched the industry trip over itself trying to turn out new and improved versions of “the pocket pistol” to meet the outwardly insatiable demand.  And here’s another such example this, time courtesy of our friends at Kimber—the new Kimber Solo in the “people’s handgun round”, 9mm.

Borrowing heavily from the 1911 semi-auto master template, the Solo features include a stainless steel slide and barrel, removable grips, ambidextrous thumb safety and magazine release button and a machined aluminum frame.  The Solo tips the scales at just 17 ounces and it’s an acceptably concise 5.5 inches from tip to tail.

In line with the point and click ethos of the concealed carry family, it also makes use of a low profiled 3-dot sight system. And, more to the point, the piece just looks trim and smooth—there aren’t any rakish angles or offending edges to snag a coat pocket on when the moment of truth comes.

Single action by design and striker-fired by variety, the Solo’s trigger promises to pull even with a glass break at 7 pounds. Slide serrations are deep and obvious for a secure grip while the magazine well is beveled for slick reloading.

The two models available differ only in appearance:  the SoloTM Carry frame and small parts are matte black, while the SoloTM Carry Stainless frame and small parts are satin silver. Kimber is using their KimPro II, a premium finish, to finish the all of these guns.  This in-house concoction has proven itself to be especially wear and tear resistant on other Kimber products and is self-lubricating to boot.

As it comes, the Solo holds 6-rounds but extended 8-round magazines will soon be available.  It sells for $725, which may seem a little pricey but Kimber is also known for quality.  Check out the new SoloTM and the complete line of  Kimber firearms.

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