Get Loaded with Hornady's New 500 Free Bullet Promotional Offer

Hornady makes double “A”, number one, world class ammunition and, if you’re an aspiring handloader or a cagey old reloading bench pro, their new promotional offer “Get Loaded” will doubtless peak your interest. Frankly, you don’t have to ask us twice.

From now until New Year’s Eve 2011, your purchase of Hornady reloading tools could earn you up to 500 free bullets for full reloading kits and all sorts of permutations in between.  You can get 100 free bullets with purchase of any one of the following: Hornady New Dimension Die Set, Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer, Hornady manual Powder Measure, or Hornady AutoCharge Electronic Powder Dispenser.  You can net the full 500 with a purchase of either a Lock-N-Load Classic reloading kit (which is like 300 bucks), or the Hornady L-N-L AP Progressive Press (which usually costs somewhere north of $400).

Bullets included in this promotion are:

22 CAL .224 — 55gr SP W/C, $17.53 MSRP
6MM .243 — 100gr BTSP, $26.59 MSRP
25 CAL .257 — 100gr SP, $30.88 MSRP
270 CAL .277 — 130gr SP, $28.71 MSRP
7MM .284 — 139gr BTSP, $31.27 MSRP
30 CAL .308 — 150gr SP, $29.51 MSRP
9MM .355 — 115gr HP/XTP, $21.32 MSRP
38 CAL .357 — 110gr HP/XTP, $21.51 MSRP
10MM .400 — 155gr HP/XTP, $26.53 MSRP
44 CAL .430 — 180rP/XTP, $28.55 MSRP
45 CAL .451 — 185gr HP/XTP, $28.20 MSRP

… so, if you have some use for any one of these, “Getting Loaded” could save you some serious money.  You can download a redemption flyer here; you’ll need it to request your free booty.  Also, make sure that you follow these rules and stipulations to the letter, lest you make a costly purchase sans bonus:

  • Your form must be accompanied by original dated receipt, UPC from box, and check or money order. Retailer’s name must be printed on receipt.
  • Private and/or second party purchases do not apply.
  • Dealers do not qualify for promotion.
  • Submission must be received by February 15, 2012 and orders will take anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks to ship.
  • Offer valid in the U.S. and Canada only. Shipping and handling must accompany redemption form.
  • Not valid in combination with any other promotions or any other requests. Non-compliant requests will be eliminated without response.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
  • Free bullets must be selected from list below and must all be one item number. No substitutions will be allowed.

Get the press release here. Get the lowdown on all of Hornady’s wares here.

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