Weatherby's New Turkey Model Shotgun gives Hunter's Hope for the Spring (Video)

We are heading into the doldrums, friends, and it’s important to remember that, just as sure as they’ll be fireflies in the summer, spring is getting closer each day.  In hunter cipher, spring is just code for spring gobblers and, if you just can’t get your mind fixated on the big thaw, Weatherby might just have just the thing to pick your spirits up.

Meet their new PA-459 Turkey model 12-gauge pump, dressed in Mothwing Camo’s Spring Mimicry pattern.  Making use of some impressive computer magic, this hunting camouflage pattern is based on bark and leaf mimicking moths, accented with natural ground cover found in the spring.  This pattern, new to the model line (you can compare it to an older camo model below), promises to blend into the forest in such a way it would take a doctor to comprehend how it’s done.

The PA-459 sports a 19-inch barrel and a more-than-manageable 13.5-inch length of pull designed to stay out of your clothing’s way when you got to draw. It also features a pretty “tactical” looking seamless pistol grip/buttstock—frankly all the PA-459 is, is a tactical home defense scattergun masquerading as a sporting arm (which is a trend we’ve noticed).

Other key features include an extended fore-end and slide release that make it easier to rack and an integral Picatinny rail for accessories.  Magazine capacity is four 3-inch rounds or five 2.75-inch rounds.  Composed of low-density material, the recoil pad and textured rubber drip makes it in terms of kick a wild stallion you won’t have to tame yourself.

What’s to like?  The weight.  6.5 pounds—like a newborn baby.  What’s also to like?  The bang around durability, and both of these qualities come to us by virtue of a super special, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that reduces overall weight without compromising strength.  But what’s to like the most?  The price—somewhere around 500 bucks ain’t half bad for a quality gobbler buster that can double as your “under the bed” gun.

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