New Crimson Trace Laser for 1911

Crimson Trace revealed a new line of laser grips for the 1911-style pistol, the Master Series. Say you want to accessorize your high-end 1911 with a laser, but you don’t want that utility look of rubber than the Master Series laser grips are for you. They’re classy looking wooden grips with a laser that activates when you wrap your hand around the grip.

That class, that pizzazz, CTC said in a press release, comes from using a Computer Numerically Controlled machine to form the grip profile and texture on two blank stocks. The automated CNC machine reduces risk of error because exact dimensions are entered into the computer, the wood is secured in a fixed position and mechanical arms move around the wood cutting, sawing and sanding for a nearly flawless design. CTC said the CNC machine forms the wood to a tolerance of 0.002-inches—almost perfect.

The Master Series is customized around a 1911 with an ambidextrous safety and bobtail design. Just remove the old grips on your 1911, screw on the Master Series laser grips and they’re supposed to fit without a hitch.

However, CTC already has some pretty descent looking grips for 1911 called the Pro Series. Now, these are also beautiful grips, but they are brand specific.

MSRP for the Master Series is $360 and they’ll be available in May.

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