A Guns.com Valentine's Day Special

Valentine’s Day is on Monday and as you have probably noticed companies, including firearms manufacturers and dealers, promote products that would be appealing to men to buy for women. “Cheaper Than Dirt” mailed out their February 2011 catalog with “Be My Valentine! Matching His and Hers Kahr P380s…” printed on the cover.

“His” is the standard black-framed P380 and “Hers” is, of course, the female color, pink. A gun is generally lighter and has less recoil when it’s pink, right? Well, maybe not. But pink certainly is gender specific.

Look at Taurus. They manage to provide a pink option for a handful of their guns.

Charter Arms has just a few months ago put out Pink Lady revolvers chambered in .32 H&R and .38 Special.

Ok, pink is just a color and pink components can be purchased or even just painted. But Valentine’s Day products are generally sold based on aesthetic features. They’re usually small, petite and lightweight, but pleasing to the eye.  Sig Sauer has the P238 Lady, which isn’t pink, but it’s certainly stylish.

And what if, and I’m just spit balling here, a lady friend wants something based solely on functionality rather than looks, than there’s the Nighhawk Lady Hawk, a slim and sleek 1911-style pistol.

Firearms can get a bit pricey and might not fit your budget because you just bought her a diamond or something like that, but she loves guns just as much as you, so keep up the motif with an economically priced Glock–made of chocolate.

Or a box of the biggest, baddest rounds around, .50 caliber–in chocolate.

Whatever you choose, Happy Valentine’s Day from Guns.com to you and your sweetheart.

If you have a better Valentine’s Day idea, let us know.

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