Tight Fitting Neoprene Gun Sleeves from Boca Shields (VIDEO)

Guns.com has always been a fan of simplicity and, though we’ve seen products like this one before, we can’t remember if we ever saw them done this well.

Boca Shields are snug fitting sleeves for rifles and shotguns and if camo dipping ain’t your thing be it because of the price or the reality that it’s basically a point of no return, we think you’d be hard pressed to find a simpler solution to getting camo on your gun.

We’ve seen cloth jobs like this floating around the bargain bin at Cabela’s and it’s really in the smart choice of material that Boca Shields really strikes out on their own.  These shells are made out of spongy neoprene like wetsuits.  The stuff’s forgiving to the touch and is guaranteed to keep your gun at least feeling warmer on cold hunting days.  Also, because of neoprene’s famed elasticity, the sleeve fits nice and tight to the lion’s share of popular sporting rifles and shotguns.  I also means your shooter is not going to sliding around inside this thing like a banana in a tube sock; no creases, folds or “loose skin” to snag on briars and branches.

Boca shields are all one piece and because it practically blankets the receiver, fore-end and stock it all but eliminates the chances of the gun putting off a glare.  This may sound trivial, but if you’ve ever had glare make a difference in a hunt, you’d be hard pressed to forget it.  They come in a rainbow of camo patterns and colors and most feature shell/cartridge holders on the butt-end.

These sleeves could also dramatically decrease the wear and tear your gun sustains and by that token it can definitely be taken as a true blue friend to resale.  This perhaps interests Guns.com the most because, historically, we spend half our days hunting dragging our expensive toys through vile, remorseless redbrush with obvious results.

There are a few things to consider though.  First, the super simple one-piece sleeves aren’t really conducive to pump guns so our Remington 7600 will have to remain in the buff for the time being.  Second, there’s no holes to attach slings onto the fore-end and butt-stock nor is there anything on the sleeve itself to attach a sling.  We get it—because different rifles have these parts in different places it would be pointless to include a hole—but that also means you’ll have to cut it yourself.  Eh.  Cut out a hole, don’t just cut a slit because that slit is going to be ever lengthening.

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