Legal Heat App for iPhone Gun Carriers' New Best Friend (VIDEO)

Us folks here at recently sucked down the Kool-Aid and all went out and bought ourselves some spiff, new iPhones.  Some of us were delighted with the purchase and encouraged by the potential a device like this represents for the human race while others were skeptical and bitter about the whole ordeal of swapping our phone for a tiny computer.  Regardless of where we stand on the phone, one thing’s for sure, every last one of us can appreciate practicality and we don’t think it gets much more practical than Legal Heat.

Legal Heat is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that details gun laws in all 50 states—and it does it in just about the clearest terms and cleanest format we’ve come across.

Now a staple in these types of legal primers, Legal Heat lists the states and rates each of them for their firearm friendliness—a quick glance at what you’re getting into if you plan on packing a pistol within state lines. Each state links to four different pages, specific to concealed carry, open carry, transport and miscellaneous legal stuff that simply doesn’t fit elsewhere.

On each page you get the full story; the legality of carrying (open or otherwise), the laws for transporting guns throughout the state (which can vary greatly), a breakdown of reciprocity agreements between states (the concealed firearm permits that each state currently recognizes) and the areas you are prohibited from carrying in under state or federal statute.  There is also a working overview of self-defense laws, an exhaustive reference section for additional research and a section with special notes.

What do we like? Even for the smart phone illiterate, it’s absolutely painless to use.  If you read English you’ll be able to navigate the app.  Also, considering that’s desk drawers are loaded with gun law primers because every few years we have to shell out 10 bucks for a new one when the laws change, downloading updates is a welcome change.

And with gun laws as convoluted as they are, specifically thinking of the changes from state to state, an unintentional “breech of decorum” is frankly inevitable in today’s America.  There is no doubt in our minds that this is all essential knowledge for the modern carrier, not to mention gun owner, and, all in all, this app immediately and cogently puts that accurate information we need to guide us through the labyrinth that is America’s gun laws at our fingertips.  To think two bucks could save you ten years in the clink is a sobering thought indeed.

You can download Legal Heat from Apple’s App store directly on your iPhone or here for $1.99.  And for those of purists out there who don’t have time to fool around with a cell phone (and we salute you), Legal Heat information also comes in the traditional booklet form.  You can get yours here.

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