Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Coming at You in 28-gauge

With the Raging Judge meeting out punishment in a big way, its no surprise there’s been a virtual media blackout regarding the re-tooled Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge.  The Circuit Judge 1.0 made its debut last year and the updated version features one change and one change only—like it’s foul-tempered little brother it’s a .45/.28-gauge combo.

circuit judge

We know the old Circuit Judge came in a Rossi box but dressed in Taurus emblems.  Looking essentially like a Taurus pistol with a long barrel out front and a buttstock stuck on the back, Taurus marketed this revolverstein shotgun/rifle laboratory monster as both a home defense option and as a hunting rifle (game with the .45 and snakes with the pepperblast .410 was the thinking).  Guns.com has never heard of anybody hunting with the Circuit Judge (but if you do we’re impressed and would like to know more).

circuit judge

The second generation Circuit Judge seems to better cater to the hunting crowd with the beefed up gauge.  And whatever, it just looks like a whole ton of fun to shoot.  Meet the new Circuit Judge here.

circuit judge bullet

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